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Over three years in the making, \"Initial Settings\" presents the seasoned talents of Brian Cooling (songwriter, vocalist and guitarist) and Woody Woodward (multi-instrumentalist, arranger and audio technician). This debut album exlpores a variety of genres from folk to rock performed on acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. With his distinct baritone voice and innate sardonic wit, Brian offers a different slant on the wider issues which affect us today through songs which are melodically memorable and lyrically enigmatic. Whether through a powerful rock-ballad like \"It Don't Matter\" or an up-tempo not-quite-so tongue-in-cheek rant against dastardly bankers (\"Whisky\"), b.e_cooling invites the listener to join in and sing along.


Brian Cooling - vocals, guitars, bassWoody Woodward - dulcimers, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals All lyrics by Brian Cooling. Except \"X-19\" composed by Woody Woodward, all songs composed by Brian Cooling or by Cooling/Woodward. Performed, recorded, mixed by b.e_cooling. Mastered at Produced by Woody Woodward.




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Initial Settings
Initial Settings
  • Lo-life
  • Nobody Knows
  • Make the Time
  • Did She Wake You Up?
  • It Don't Matter
  • Quote Me Happy
  • x19
  • I'm Gonna Give
  • Whisky
  • You Know
  • Take It or Leave It
  • The Green Man Cometh
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