Make the Time

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Buy Now An even MORE up-tempo track with some bluesy, slide-guitar to boot! It's amazing what one can do if they get off of their arse. Let that be a lesson to you, young'uns!


Blue took the ridge - red hit the floorGreen had armies but black had more Hours later - the victory roll I guess I’ve seen this battle before. Clock the timer on the factory wall Drones are droning while the big brass brawl Cold shoulder to the dead man’s bier “I’ve had enough! Get me out of here!” If you want it like you need to – That’s fine, fine, fine, fine ,fine Make the time. I don’t know what happened that day when you thought I was Mister Magoo You made me mushroom paté but it didn’t taste like it should The only thing I recall was the colour of her I Ching I’ve never trusted you since - but god, how I wanted to sing! If you want it like you’d need to - make the time That’s fine, fine, fine, fine ,fine Just don’t waste mine Turn off the power, you can see through the night The road is narrow but we all need the fright Spread your wings when the tall ships fly Count the friends who twinkle up in the sky La la la la la La la la la la It’s fine, if you make a difference in your life It’s fine, so fine Just make the time If you want it like you need it so bad That’s Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Just make the time.


Music and lyrics by Brian Cooling. Performed and arranged by b.e_cooling.


Make the Time
Make the Time
  • Make the Time

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