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Well, I’ve heard the good lord loves us – I’ve heard the good lord caresThe good lord takes us by the hand as we walk up those stairs The preacher says the Bible is all we really need He hangs his around his neck - right next to his greed Oh – oh you can quote me happy So long as I don’t have to join the happy clappy You can feed me chapter and verse It’ll satisfy my hunger but it won’t quench my thirst I met a girl called Rosie - who worked down by the sea Said she’d had enough of sailor boys who come and go with the breeze She said: Oh – oh you could make me happy You look educated – make it snappy Get out your chapter and show me your verse You could satisfy my hunger but you won’t quench my thirst What did she mean when she said she loved me? She wouldn’t kiss under the neon light All over by a quarter-to-three She took my wallet and my identity (Now I guess she’s me) I fought my way into the bottle - a shot-glass in my hand Bartender said it’d be the death of me - I always knew he’d understand He said: You can quote me happy – you can quote me sad You can quote me anything you like So long as you’re a thirsty man I hope the good lord loves me - I hope the good lord cares I hope the good lord stretches out his hand ‘cause I’m slipping down the stairs Slipping down the stairs Slipping down the devil’s stairs


Music and lyrics by Brian Cooling. Performed and arranged by b.e_cooling.


Quote Me Happy
Quote Me Happy
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