The Green Man Cometh

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Buy Now An up-tempo, eco-friendly protest song to herald the coming of a new and better age. It's the first track recorded for the album and it's also a nice way to finish it. It features Woody on his cajon and Brian on his slide.This track has even been made into a video, don't you know. You can watch it on Youtube. Enjoy!


Time will get you, I can bet you; Time won’t care about a word you say. No excuses – no recluses again. So get out of the way. Stop the hunting – stop the bunting; Stop your Yahoos with their “Bombs Away!” Stop your drilling – your atomic spilling - again The green man’s on his way. Fifty dollars more and you could buy the moon Shove your money where the sun don’t shine Lock your children up in some swish boarding school Just so long as they stay away from mine Hearts are tickin’, lips are licking Fingers clicking to a new dawn sway. Pack your booty – your neglect of duty - away The green man’s here today. Just one thing – just one thing before you go Just one thing, just one thing Doctor No – No – No – No - No We don’t want another big chain store We don’t want a runway on our door We don’t want another 4 by 4 We don’t want your pennies for the poor Just give it away ‘cause the green man’s here to stay. Just give it away ‘cause the green man’s here to stay. Just give it away ‘cause the green man’s here today.


Music and lyrics by Brian Cooling Performed and arranged by b.e_cooling


The Green Man Cometh
The Green Man Cometh
  • The Green Man Cometh

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