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Buy Now It's life, Anderson, but not as we know it! This is the jaunty type of pop/folkrock tune that a certain banker would sing if he had actually deserved the honours in the first place. Get it?!


Woke up each morning, caught the 6:45‘Mind the gap’ if you want to survive Strut the Mile – fifty beggars in tow Two double whiskies and I’m ready to go. I count the numbers as they fall through the floor It’s boom or bust, baby – you know the score. Don’t look for sympathy – I gave it away, But I kept my whisky ‘cause I’m happy that way Woah, woah …… I crossed the ocean – took the luxury line To a hot little haven where they save me a dime The folks back home have to live in the cold Too many whiskies and it’s taken its toll Woah, woah …… I’ve got my pension – I get six hundred grand Won’t give it back - it helps pay for the tan Stop the press – I know what you’re gonna say I’m a single malt bastard but I’m happy that way Woah, woah …… Get up each morning, catch the 6:45


Lyrics by Brian Cooling. Music by Cooling/Woodward. Performed and arranged by b.e_cooling.


  • Whisky

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